Today, all technological organisations are operating in a highly innovative and fiercely competitive landscape. The companies need to design and develop innovative products that are cost-effective in nature to utilize the opportunities, meet the competitive challenges and grow in their respective business.

Experts in the information technology recognize IoT product development is not just one another technological advancement but is a fundamental transformation that is expected to bring a new revolution in the field. IoT product development is viewed a critical advancement, which is reshaping the way the product developers think about building smart products using cloud-based technology.

Today more and more products are increasingly becoming IoT-enabled that has facilitated the technological product developers to have limitless opportunities to build cutting-edge technology solutions using cloud-based platforms. IoT-enabled products come with custom software that allows the developers to connect and log sensor readings without any manual efforts, which has resulted in improving the performance of the specific product or avoid failure.

IoT products are far more complex than prototyping a web application or mobile products as the testing and feedback process of IoT products are longer and more complicated than the conventional software products.


Guires offers your business multiple IoT product solutions that logs sensor data, evaluates the data through machine learning and makes suitable changes to improve the efficiency of your product offering.

Guires Service include:-

Incubating: Transformation process

iGuires has high expertise and experiences to incubate your business ideas, transform your products and facilitate your IoT business achieve sustainable growth.

Scaling: innovation process

The expertise of our team will assist you to scale your IoT projects or products, recognise prospective targets, take important decisions relating to new architectural changes and create a scalable solution.


At Guires, our expert team will offer your IoT products business a complete assistance in the following three basic stages

Initial Discussion

Our process starts with the initial discussion to understand your specific business needs and to determine how best IoT product development can make a difference to diverse business operations.


Following the initial discussion, our expert team will brainstorm with the domain experts of your business to understand your business vision and specific requirements to give a clear shape to your existing ideas. We will conduct connected business workshops in collaboration with your domain experts to develop a definite business model, roadmap, product feasibility and prototype specification report.

Development of Prototype

Based on the assessment, our expert team of IoT professionals will create a custom-based IoT road map and project plan suitable for your business. The prototype development procedure would include:-

  • Rapid prototyping of your concept
  • MSVP specification
  • Employment of Rapid iteration and continual user testing


Based on the assessment notes taken during the testing phase, appropriate decisions relating to iterating and improving the prototype will be undertaken.

Product & Service Delivery

This stage involves refining of physical and digital components of your products based on supply chain requirements, cost elements and final manufacturing processes.

Expertise of Process, Analytics and Data

We offer solutions that bring together the combined expertise to help business better


At Guires, our team possesses excellent expertise in prototyping, industrial design, and device clouds Software and infrastructure architecture. In addition, we also boast of the following capabilities:-


Our dedicated efforts and service commitments will help in major value creation for your business, which will enable you to achieve

  • Significant functional improvements
  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency


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