E-commerce has become indispensable for all companies aspiring to have steady business growth in this present day of advanced communication technologies. E-commerce and digital services offer significant flexibility to different kinds of business enterprises to market their physical products, services, appointments or consultations.

E-commerce significantly influences the purchase decisions of the consumers, which allows them greater freedom to have a comprehensive research of the product or services they are looking to purchase, make a thorough comparison of the various alternatives regarding features and cost. The convenience of E-commerce facilitates them to choose the best product of their choice at the most competitive price without physically going to any shops, thereby saving them valuable time and expenses.

With the exponential growth of social media platforms, smart businesses give more emphasis in building an engaging social media presence with the objectives of improving their company profile and gain more traffic to their e-commerce websites resulting in increased sales and revenues.

Major businesses rely on e-commerce and digital services to build a more personal relationship with their customers and other business stakeholders through various add-on services such as personal recommendations, rewards, customised service, faster customer service.

Also, Business- to-Government (B2G) business model facilitates the businesses to sell their products, services, and relevant information to the government agencies and provides an opportunity for them to participate in the government project tenders through various integrated marketing communication techniques.


Guires offers your business, comprehensive digital services and E-commerce solutions that are sure to improve your customer loyalty, revenues and simplify the complexities of commerce management.

Our E-commerce and digital services include developing

B2G Commerce

Our B2G commerce solutions adds an edge to sellers and buyers by adding agility to the processes, presents them with strategic insights and also offers them with the requisite information with regards to high quality leads.

Auctions / Classified

We extend auction / classified modules within our e-commerce solutions that enable business to integrate these modules facilitating them to initiate their own auctions.


At Guires, we adopt a creative approach to develop a modular, optimisable, integrated commercial solutions and digital services for your business by starting with the following stages

Initial Discussion

The process commences with an initial discussion wherein the objective is to understand the business requirements and the digital strategy


We conduct an intense brainstorming session involving both the in-house team and the clients to work out solutions that can best match the client requirement.

Development of Prototype

On the basis of the initial discussion and following the brainstorming session, we create a prototype model for e-commerce.


Based on the assessment notes taken during the testing phase, appropriate decisions relating to iterating and improving the prototype will be undertaken.

Product Service and Delivery

The product will be finalized based on the mutual understanding. At the final stage, we will deliver the custom-based e-commerce solutions or the required services.

Expertise of process, analytics and data

We offer solutions that bring together the combined expertise to help business better.


Our strong teams of e-commerce experts, strategists, designers, and technologists have a vast experience in building, managing and succeeding with a broad range of E-commerce business models and facilitate you to strengthen your digital businesses.

Our approach will be to assist building your new online retail store from scratch, executing digital services and developing customer-oriented growth strategies your business.


At Guires, our multidisciplinary talent team will assist you to create significant value creation for your business in terms of

  • Improved online penetration and revenues
  • Providing an excellent shopping experience for your customers
  • Customisable product catalogue, subscription solutions support
  • Quick and easy report generation support


Guires Technology creates experiences that solve our clients' most complex business challenges. We
move our clients' businesses.



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