Product designers encounter a major challenge to make their clients understand the actual appearance of the product under development at the design stage using conventional digital models.

Rapid Prototyping technology enables the designers and manufacturers to have a clear understanding of the look and feel of the design as compared to the mere visualization or assumption of the product through a CAD model or conventional paper prototyping.

Rapid prototyping is widely recognised as a profitable decision for companies to optimally utilize the potential of the product and develop customised products suiting their desired requirements. The hardware and software tools available for Rapid prototyping have a close resemblance to the actual product, which allows the product designers and manufacturers to identify the design flaws preceding the critical mass production stage.

Majority of technological products involves the usage of both hardware and software components, and rapid prototyping and design is important to understand whether the particular components operate with desired precision, accuracy and dependability before the mass production of the final product.

Thus, the rapid prototyping enables product designers and manufacturers to minimize design defects, make quick decisions relating to design validation and select right product designs after taking into consideration the functionality, scalability, security and expandability parameters.


At Guires, our expert team of professionals will assists you in providing a lean product design process by employing effective rapid prototyping technology techniques and analytical tools that are sure to transform your existing ideas into a successful new product.

We will assist you in


At Guires, the proactive approach of our expert team will result in high-quality, customized design projects based on your business objectives, specific requirements, technology capacity, budget allocation and resource constraints.

Initial Discussion

At initial discussion stage, our dedicated professionals will understand your existing ideas, business drives and will discuss with your domain experts as to which ideas are feasible to be taken to the prototyping stage.

Market Research

We help you to reach on the target market including all competitor’s apps and pinpoint the strengths and weakness of competing apps before the conceptualization process.

Brainstorming Ideas

Ideas collected are screened for engagement, feasibility and distinctiveness. We focus your thinking on results, assess, analyse and rework ideas to obtain perfect app concept

Test Innovation & Uniqueness

To ensure the concept success, we help you to release an MVP to seek feedback from a users to find out the innovation and quiz them about concept and ways to enhance it.

Iterations in the prototype

Based on the assessment notes taken during the testing phase, appropriate decisions relating to iterating and improving the prototype will be undertaken.

Product delivery

The prototype will be finalized based on the mutual understanding. With the final touch, will deliver the design


Our team at Guires comprises of highly skilled industrial design artists, professional prototype technicians, certified project managers, and analysts, who have in-depth knowledge and vast experience collaborating in the design and development of the new products.


Our proactive approach will create value from beginning to end for your business to gain significant competitive advantage in

  • Flexibility, Scalability & Security: Our prototype development services would be greater flexibility, scalability, and security.
  • Assured ROI: The prototype is developed based on the business needs and objectives thereby you are assured that the product developed and the investment made for the development are at par with your future vision.
  • We are indulged in creating and developing reliable online solutions for various business needs raised by the clients.


Guires Technology creates experiences that solve our clients' most complex business challenges. We
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