Guires Technologies follows hybrid multi-sourcing model with a mix of domain expertise. We are associated with international academic institutions to acquire domain and expertise that would ensure that the knowledge and research capabilities are upgraded at every stage. Our team has depth and quality of skills, industry, recognized certifications and qualifications

Domain Expertise

We initiate being a prototype for the upcoming generation in terms of turning out-of-the-box ideas into reality.

Our deep domain expertise ensures to bridge the gap between the theory and practice. We offer our clients an easy to use, functionally rich and cost-efficient web design that is unique and is based on International development standards. By adding this, we prepare solutions for our esteemed clients based on the best technological innovations suited to their business needs. We embed technologies like; ASP.Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Magento, Open Source and many others. In addition, our team has rich experience in programming languages (C, C++, and scripting languages (Python, Perl, Java), sensor data processing or sensor data fusion (Kalman filter, accuracy evaluation, statistical data analysis, machine learning, data classification, audio/speech) and SW development toolchain (debug tools /Flash).

Our complete solution ranges are known for its responsive and interactive approach it maintains with the targeted consumer base of our clientele.

Our Business Model

Integrate IT into every process to streamline the operations

Our low costs and real-time IT application enabled to improve your business efficiency. Adopt industry best practices and flexible commercial models based on the client requirement. Confidentiality and privacy at every stage of work. Fast turnaround time, and ensure quality assurance at every stage with 24/7 operations.

Privacy & Security Compliance

Our service level associate agreement complies with new HIPAA rule, modified by the HITECH Act where we ensure the following

  • SLA: We initiate an NDA signing before sharing any sensitive information.
  • While, each employee is required to sign a proprietary information agreement as well as an individual NDA. Strict SLA for quality, turnaround time and availability
  • During the employment, employees are not allowed to mention the product of the ‘Company’ or the customer names in my resumes.
  • The employees are not allowed to participate in any other business during their employment.
  • Dedicated resource for each project thereby allow prevention of unauthorized access
  • Project team are segregated into a separate secure location within a dedicated LAN Segment.
  • Quality Management System: Guires is also certified for ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management for all services. Workflow procedures including standard operating procedure to ensure work hours, turnaround time, informal communication procedures. Therefore, you can be assured that our work meets the highest standards
  • We have also protected such as hard drives, email, CD-ROM drives, or other ways to store, copy, or forward data.
  • Good work ethics and timely delivery - Unlimited support (two hours for emergency “Stat” procedures) thereby no information is exchanged between projects
  • We strongly believe in “process oriented and detailed oriented” approaches
  • Cost Compliance Services: We have our own team of certified technologist and UI/UX experts who can be accessed if in need, by this way, we offer you cost-compliant services according to your budget and requirement.
  • Leadership: Our leadership team at guires provide continuous training along with vigorous monitoring would enable our team get involved and provide high level of services every client deserves
  • Process Effectiveness: We integrate software and tools to ensure that the operation is effective and efficient. We ensure to communicate frequently with the organizations with reference to our technologist performance, so that fair and equitable contracts are established.
  • Workplace Security: We had biometric authentication controls for workers and banned cell phones, papers, pens, and internet/email access for employees
  • Extensively monitor and analyze employee logs
  • Employed sophisticated encryption technologies in communication process
  • In case of offshoring, we provide biometrics, security guards, internal monitoring cameras on every worker
  • Information Security management: We recognize the importance of information security management, therefore, to avoid possible security breaches, we have implemented ISO 27001:2013 to ensure that data is safe. Further, we follow data protection act strictly.
  • We apply all security, privacy, and disclosure rules
  • Only Authorized Personnel can access VPN/VLAN/VNC
  • In real time mode, both workstations and servers are SPAM and Virus Protected
  • To minimize system downtime, infrastructure elements can be replaced in case of malfunction
  • The security enabled technology is used for office wireless LAN

We ensure to work towards a common goal of accurate, secure, protected information.

Business Value

  • Our algorithm and application development services would be greater flexibility, scalability, and security
  • Your company can access content across your channel partners thereby through its unified access enable better decision making and increase speed of execution
  • By storing data with us, your company can resolve inquiries and enhance customer retention process
  • The application is developed based on the business needs and objectives thereby you are assured that the product developed and the investment made for the development are at par with your future vision.
  • Your company can effectively at the same quickly capture content (both digital and paper documents) from multiple channels at the point of origin. This would enable to improve productivity thereby enhance business process to respond your customer clients


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