Today, business enterprises face mounting challenges due to unrelenting competition, changing markets, a constant need for newer technology adoption and up-gradation. Every business operations are loaded with huge piles of data from various departments that are diverse and complex in nature.

Extracting value from data is the key for the enterprises to gain competitive advantage, and enable sustained business growth in modern day competitive business environment. IT leaders of the companies utilise data to make meaningful insights and analysis for the top management to take effective strategic business decisions.

Business enterprises need to look at the right data and combine them with powerful statistical analytical tools to make realistic growth predictions and spot important trends in the available “Big Data.”

Analytics and BI tools focus on the right information that is critical for the business and provide vital insights for the management to take strategic business decisions. The analytics and BI tools allow the company management to streamline their business operations, improve efficiency and facilitate them to take faster responses to respective business related queries. The analytics and BI applications provide important business metrics reports in the desired format and as and when required by the concerned department. Thus, the management can gain considerable insights about the consumer behavior, market trends, competitor knowledge and past, present and future of the business.

We are indulged in creating and developing reliable online solutions for various business needs raised by the clients.


Guires offers you powerful business solutions in the following areas

Our Offers


At Guires, the expert BI team adopts a proactive approach to offer your business a comprehensive assistance that spans the entire life-cycle starting from strategy conception to installation, configuration, and performance testing.

Initial Discussion

Our process starts with the initial discussion to understand your specific business needs and to determine how data consumption takes place in your different business operations.


We examine the frequency of your reporting process and assess the nature and the formatting of reporting process followed in your business.

Development of Prototype

Based on the assessment, our expert team of BI and analytics professionals will create a custom-based BI road map and project plan suitable for your business.


Based on the assessment notes taken during the testing phase, appropriate decisions relating to iterating and improving the prototype will be undertaken.

Product & Service Delivery

The product will be finalized based on the mutual understanding. With the final touch, will deliver the custom-based BI tools or the required services

Expertise of Process, Analytics and Data

We offer solutions that bring together the combined expertise to help business better


At Guires technologies, our team of experienced data scientists possesses in-depth knowledge and desired skills in predictive modeling, cloud computing, crowdsourcing methodologies, neural networks, random forest and other important statistical techniques and analytics with strong business acumen and data crunching abilities.


Our Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions will add substantial value to your business operations in terms of

Flexibility, Scalability, and Security
Our analytics and business intelligence services would be greater flexibility, scalability, and security.
Improved efficiency of business operations
Efficiency in business operations is ensured.
Leveraging your current assets and resources
We leverage your current assets and resources to present the best possible solution for you.
Taking timely and cost-effective strategic decisions
Our solutions help you to take on-time decisions and arrive at strategic decisions that are cost-effective.
Improved Customer and supplier relationships
Substantially enhance the relation between supplier and customer.


Guires Technology creates experiences that solve our clients' most complex business challenges. We
move our clients' businesses.



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