Algorithms and machine learning technology are necessary for major industries working with large amounts of data to gain significant insights in real time and derive competitive edge over their rivals in the business. Similar to various statistical models, the purpose of machine learning is to understand data structure, fit appropriate theoretical distributions to the specific data that are well understandable in nature.

Machine learning algorithms facilitate you to gain specific value and information from the available data in a real time without the assistance of any advanced statistician. This method of data analysis automates analytical model building by using suitable algorithms on an iterative basis that enables your system to identify the hidden information through cost-efficient computational processing. Machine learning technology uses automatic models, which can analyse large volumes of complex data in real time producing more accurate results. By building precise models, your business can easily recognise prospective and profitable opportunities and to avoid unforeseen risks associated with your business.

Machine learning systems require a comprehensive understanding of the basic and advanced algorithms, automation and iterative processes, ensemble modeling and sufficient data preparation capabilities. Thus, machine learning algorithms like neural networks can be used in multiple industries such as financial services, manufacturing industries (e.g automated vehicle system), transportation, health care (e.g. evidence based treatment options), sports and fitness, telecommunications, legal, education, retail, oil, gas and mining and IoT product development to achieve higher levels of efficiency in the specific area of business operations.


Guires graphical user interfaces and machine algorithms like neural networks, Decision Trees, and Random forests will greatly assist your business to build suitable learning models and facilitate you to derive important value from the big data generated by your business.

Our solutions would also encompass:-

Graphical User Interfaces for building models and process flows

We offer exemplary graphical user interfaces for structuring and building models while creating appropriate process flows

Interactive data exploration and visualisation of model findings

The techniques that we use facilitates interactive data exploration while visualizing findings of the models.


At Guires, we adopt an integrated approach where we provide machine learning business applications and assist your business in creating predictive models that can be integrated into your existing business process. Our team of experts in artificial intelligence and business analytics will assist you to develop a custom-model IT management platform that automates a large variety of operational activities across your business thereby significantly improving the productivity. Our approach is outlined in detail as below:-

Initial Discussion

Our process starts with the initial discussion to understand your specific algorithm and machine learning requirements and to determine how the use of machine learning and algorithms can make a difference to diverse business operations.


Following the initial discussion, we execute extensive brainstorming sessions both with in-house experts as well as experts from your side to understand and outline how best algorithms and machine learning can be facilitated within the business.

Development of Prototype

Based on the assessment, our expert team of algorithm and machine learning professionals will create a custom-based road map and project plan suitable for your business.


Based on the assessment notes taken during the testing phase, appropriate decisions relating to iterating and improving the algorithm will be undertaken.

Product & Service Delivery

The product will be finalized based on the mutual understanding. With the final touch, we will deliver the custom-based algorithms and machine learning or associated and required services.

Expertise of Process, Analytics and Data

We offer solutions that bring together the combined expertise to help business better


At Guires, our expert team of professionals in machine learning technology possesses high expertise and considerable experience in developing an automated ensemble model that comes with easy model deployment and high performance. Our other capabilities would include:-


Our integrated, end-to-end algorithm and machine learning platform offers significant value creation for your business in terms of

  • Reliability
  • Accurate results in quick time
  • Assured ROI
  • Improved productivity


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